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Freedom in the One Gospel

Study of the Letter to the Galatians

What is the Good News?  What happens when we try to add our own efforts to God's work?

How are we called to live?

Where do we have true freedom?

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January 10: Introduction



Star of Bethlehem (and Beyond)

What was the Star of Bethlehem?  A one-time miraculous misbehaving star?  A natural part of the heavenly dance?

What does it mean that God uses stars to proclaim His glory?

Using Rick Larson's Star of Bethlehem presentation, we explore these and other questions...

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Ordinary People

God's plan of love and salvation is amazing!  God works His plan through His creation -- ordinary people like you and me.

We may be used to the Christmas events, but do we always recognize that Mary, Joseph, and the rest (even King Herod) were just regular people?

In this study, we use The Nativity Story to see everyday life and compare this movie to God's plan revealed in His Word.

November 29, 2020: Advent 1

December 6, 2020: Advent 2

December 13, 2020: Advent 3

December 20, 2020: Advent 4

Who Do People Say I Am?

Proclaiming Christ Crucified in a world of cheap imitations.

In the world, and even among Christians, there are many views of who Jesus is and how He affects daily life.  "For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified."  I Corinthians 2:2

Session 1: introduction

Session 2: Missing the mark

Session 3: The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Session 3.2: The Way, part 2

Session 4: God's Country

Session 5: The Meaning of Life


Biblical Principles of Rescue

September 20, 2020

A one week study led by Pastor Don

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Living Hope in a Hostile World

Session 1: introduction to 1 Peter

Session 2: the Father's Gift

Session 3: Living as the Father's Children

Session 4: New life - as a Rock

Session 5: Living Relationship: Free in Christ – Servant to All

Session 6: Living Relationship: Servant to All (even in the Family)

Session 7: Living Relationship: as Witness in the World

session 8: Living Christ in the World Today

session 9: Suffering as a Christian

Session 10: Living Hope as God's Church

Session 11: Conclusion

Ten Words

Our study of the "10 Commandments" was interrupted.  Here are resources and other materials to aid in home study:

Outlines of the sessions we had gathered: 

Session 1: The First Word (or two)

Session 2: Vertical Words

Session 3: More Words about God and His People

Session 4: Words and Authority

Session 5: Looking Up, Looking Around

Session 6: Words of the Heart

The Letter to the Congregation in March is a practical example of God's Words for Life in Action.

Click here for a sermon outline on the 10 Commandments from several years ago.  (The page numbers refer to a copy of the Large Catechism - unfortunately not the one online linked below.)

Click here for Luther's Small Catechism and Luther's Large Catechism