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God-Sized Mercy - the book of Jonah

8/6 - Introduction and Chapter 1

8/13 - Chapter 2

8/27 - Chapter 3

9/3 - Chapter 4

"The Case for Christ"


Have you wondered "what is the evidence for..."? The Bible is God's Word, Jesus rose from the dead, etc.

Join us Sunday mornings as we explore the evidence.

June 4: Case For Christ 1

June 11: Eyewitness Reliability

June 18: Corroborative Evidence

June 25: Analyzing Jesus

July 16: Analyzing Jesus (part 2)

July 23: Evidence for the Resurrection

July 30: The Verdict

That You May Know

"These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name" John 20:31

That You May Know" - a study of John 13-19 (24 hours before the cross)

chapter 13

chapter 14:1-15:17

chapter 15-16

chapter 17

chapter 18

chapter 18-19

"That You May Know... continued" - John 20, 21 (after the Resurrection)

April 16 -- chapter 20

April 23 -- chapter 20 (part 2)

April 30 -- chapters 20-21

May 7 -- chapters 20b - 21a

May 14 -- chapter 21

May 21 -- chapter 21b

Foundations of Faith

The Foundation of Faith is God’s mercy as He has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ.  

“Foundations” explores the ways God gives to receive and live out His grace in Christ Jesus

January 8: Foundation

January 15: Foundation Guidelines

January 22: Foundation Summaries

(January 29 - guest speaker for Life Sunday)

February 5: Baptism

February 12: Communion

February 19: Family

Angels Aren't Just for Christmas

Angels are God's Messengers 

Angels Also Bring Messages and Acts of God's Judgement 

Angels Protect and Minister

Angels Proclaim!

"You Will Be My Witnesses" - the book of Acts

 Introduction, Acts 1-2

Acts 2-4

Acts 5-7

Acts 6-9

Acts 9-11

Acts 12-14

Acts 15-16

We had concluding notes on November 20.  At a later time, we will study Acts 17-28 more in depth.


Living God - The "I AM" statements of Jesus

"I AM"

I AM... the Bread of Life and the True Vine

I AM... the Light

I AM... the Gate and the Good Shepherd

I AM... the Way, Truth, and Life

I AM... the Resurrection and the Life