Worship Times

Weekend worship Schedule:
Saturdays, 5:30pm (Traditional)

Sundays, 8:00am (Traditional) 
10:30am (Praise band)



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What to Expect

Prince of Peace is a family-friendly congregation of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod.  You can expect to be welcomed and encouraged while receiving God’s gifts of forgiveness and love through His Word and Sacrament.

What's a service like?

Each weekend, we have three opportunities for worship. Saturday at 5:30 pm and Sunday 8:00 am are “relaxed traditional” we follow a liturgy (although not straight from our hymnal) and songs are led by piano or organ.  10:30 Sunday morning is “contemporary” – following a liturgy with songs led by the Praise Band.

How do people dress?

You will see people in suits or dresses and you will see people in jeans.  We want to be appropriate and non-distracting, but the important way to be dressed is with a heart open to the Lord’s gifts.

What about my kids?

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me” (Mark 10:14) Children belong in church! Families with children are encouraged to sit in the front so children can be engaged in what is going on, but many families choose to sit throughout he sanctuary (even in the back).  Each service includes a “Kids’ Talk” and at the 10:30 service children are invited to play special instruments with the band during the last song.

We also have Sunday School for all ages between the Sunday services (beginning at 9:15). 

Can I take communion?

All our services include the Sacrament of Communion.  We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a sacred action of God, instituted by Christ Himself, based on His Promise conveying, offering, giving and sealing the gift of forgiveness of sins.  We believe that we receive not only the bread and wine, but also the true Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus, as He said, “This is My Body…This is My Blood.” We share this Sacrament, knowing it is for Christians who share like faith and understanding in Jesus Christ and in this Holy meal. Guests who share in this faith are welcome to commune with us.  Those who have a different understanding or have not received communion instruction (including children) are welcome to come to the table and receive a blessing. 

If you have further questions, please contact Pastor John or Madison.

You can also always check out a service online.