Gifts for Jesus

AN ANNUAL CUSTOM AT POP is for our members to wrap "gifts" that can be used at the church and preschool throughout the year. 

 Some ideas:  

Reynolds hot dog trays (preschool snacks - found at Gordon Food), brown lunch bags, zip-lock bags (gallon and quart size), sturdy paper plates* (small (preschool snacks)), 5 oz. cups* (preschool snacks), 9 oz. plastic cups, 

coffee, creamer, sugar, salt and pepper (no packets, please), {flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and food coloring for play-dough}, 

magic erasers (like Mr. Clean), off-brand disinfectant spray and wipes (used daily in our preschool),  

colored copy paper (20 or 24 lb. only), markers (large and small), large extra-strength glue sticks, 

band aids non-medicated (preschool), tissues and paper towels, stamps. 

Wrap your gifts and place them under one of the Christmas trees by the altar prior to the 4:00 service on Christmas Eve.

*No Styrofoam products, please.