Have you ever been distracted during a service by traffic in the parking lot or on Lallendorf?  Have you ever thought about why churches all throughout history always have art work? (It's to teach the Word ... for a longer explanation, go to the Weekly Readings video April 21 on Facebook...)  Have you ever thought, "It's chilly in here, I wonder if it would help to have more than one layer of glass in the windows"?  Take part in the PoP Bible Windows Project!

The project: to add art work to (not replace) some of the windows in the sanctuary using a technique that will look like stained glass, but we can all take part!

The goal: for a family to be able to sit in the sanctuary and, through the art work, trace God's work through the scriptures to today.

The process:  We will begin with 10 windows (more can be added as we have the ability). 

At each level, there is the opportunity with those who have the ability to take part.

Stage 1: design  Have you been gifted with the ability to draw? (unlike Pastor John whose students would make fun of his stick figures...)  We need you to collaborate in the drawings that will be transferred to the plexiglass sheets.  Each drawing will be 27 1/2 x 35 1/2 inches representing different events from the Scriptures.  Contact Pastor John (email, text, call...) to get the details of the designs and get started collaborating!

Stage 2: transfer Each drawing, when finished, will need to be "traced" using special "instant lines" onto the plexiglass sheets.  This will require steady hands, but not the "creative free hand" of design. (We have many crafty woodworkers, knitters, etc. who can do this!)  Tracing will happen Saturday morning, July 25 (9am - noon) on tables in our parking lot.  Although steady hands are preferred, the material is forgiving - even Pastor John might be able to trace these designs.  Come join in the fun!  If you would like to help, but cannot come July 25, talk with Pastor John!

Stage 3: color The pieces now outlined will need to be colored in with special "Gallery Glass" paint.  This stage is especially great for families!!  Coloring will happen Saturday morning August 1 (9am - noon) on tables in our parking lot.  If you cannot come August 1, talk with Pastor John!

Stage 4: install Once dried, the plexiglass sheets will be placed into their designated windows - no tools required, but steady hands would be good.  

Stage 1-4: The materials for each window are estimated to cost about $75.  This is a project of our Prince of Peace Family that will bless generations to come.  We are called to use the gifts God gives through time, talent, and treasure.  Maybe you can give a window ($75) or 1% of a window ($0.75) or you can help by design or coloring.  God has given many gifts - where do you fit in?

Why now?  

There is a lack of Biblical knowledge in our world today.  We at Prince of Peace sometimes assume the great gift we have of being in the Word (We regularly have 7 different Bible Studies - some churches have 0).  In this project, we are giving families for generations to come one more way to be raised in the Word.  As we look forward to gathering again, we recognize God's hand throughout all generations.  This Bible Windows project can be mostly completed now.  As the materials and designs are available, families can pick up the project and complete at home.  What a great way for people to have time in the Word while being "safe at home"!  What a great way to look forward to the time God gathers us in His House again!

Any questions? Contact Pastor John!